Mikko and Brother Christmas in the Nordea Masters Pro-Am

The collaboration between Brother Christmas and Mikko Ilonen has already proven to be a success story. Next week, on Wednesday the 31st of May, we will see Brother Christmas caddying for Mikko in the Nordea Masters Pro-Am. The Nordea Masters is one of the longest running events on the European Tour. This Pro-Am is just one of many activities in the collaboration between Brother Christmas and Mikko Ilonen, but it has enabled these two great men to raise 20 000 euros. 

All the money that has been raised in connection to this week will be used entirely to enhance/improve children's summer holidays by:

  • sending 85 children to summer camps that they otherwise could not afford to go to
  • organizing a day in “Moomin World” for 10 families with sick children or who otherwise could not afford to go there
  • handing out 75 tickets to disadvantaged families for them to visit the amusement park Linnamäki
  • organizing a cruise to Sweden, that includes all meals onboard, for 10 single parent families

On top of that we want to point out that our donors, together with Brother Christmas and Mikko Ilonen, have enabled this unforgettable “once in a life time experience” for three golfers from the special Olympics team.

Our donors are mostly private individuals who share the same values as Brother Christmas and Mikko Ilonen. We respect their will of wanting to stay anonymous or to identify themselves should they want to become public.

More information will be given in connection to the Pro-Am on May 31st 2017.